CM44: History

Iftikhar H Malik reflects on his career as a historian, Ebrahim Moosa unpicks the Muslim notion of history, Joshua Lupo dissects the history of history of religions, Robert Irwin is amused by historic predictions of Muslim futures, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas is not amused by radical 'cancel culture', Abdelaziz El Amrani brings religious anticolonial resistance in Morocco to the fore, Khairudin Aljunied highlights the role of ignorance in the thought of the celebrated Indonesian scholar Hamka, Raza Ali is fed up with Pakistan's constitutional upturns, Anna Gunin recalls the suppression of memory in the Soviet Union, Sunera Thobani argues that all three waves of feminism promoted Islamophobia, Hassan Vawda wants to rethink how Islam is presented in Museums, Masuma Rahim remembers Karbala, Leela Prasad sets out to find Anna in the grand annals of nineteenth century colonial India.

Also in this issue: Ziauddin Sardar is haunted by Iason Athanasiadis' photographs of refugees, Shanon Shah is bowled over by a future vision of Malaysia, James Brooks listens to world music, Medina Tenour Whiteman charts the rise and fall of Granada, Susannah Tarbush meets female musicians from Afghanistan, poetry by Arif Ay, Adrianna Kalfopoulou and Tawfiq Zayyad, Youshaa Patel's brave defence of taqlid (imitation), and our list of the Queen and ten historical others.