CM35: Muslim Atlantic

Daniel Nilsson DeHanas and Peter Mandaville pin down the notion of Muslim Atlantic, Aisha Khan explains how a Muslim Atlantic can be realised, Amandla Thomas-Johnson returns to his ancestral homeland in Senegal, Ahmed Younis castigates the locked mentality of American Muslims, Sohail Daulatzai argues for a Muslim International, Tahir Abbas wrestles with terrorism, Zahrah Nesbitt-Ahmed connects with her grandparents, Juliette Galonnier is horrified at the racism within diasporic Muslim communities, Abdul-Rehman Malik sees the Muslim Atlantic as a cultural eco-system, Rasul Miller reconsiders black radicalism, Shirin Khan is anxious about security, Tanya Muneera Williams witnesses the history of slavery in her native Bristol, C Scott Jordan is unsettled by the treatment of Muslim politicians in the US and UK, and Aina Khan waxes lyrical about Black Muslim female MCs.

Also in this issue: Emre Kazim reads a nuanced work on Islam and authoritarianism, Samia Rahman is enchanted by the narratives of great Muslim women, Hassan Mahamdallie on Black Lives Matter, an extract from Reginald Edmund and Ronnie Malley's new play American Griot, short stories by Sameer Rahim and Tamim Sadikali, poems by Mosab Abu Toha and Naomi Foyle, and Kayla Renee Wheeler's list on nine key quotes by Malcolm X.