On Our Future by Mohamed Aidid (age 15) and Fareha Rahman (age 15)

This is an emergency. Time is running out and everything you know, everyone you love is at risk. Your friends, your family, the entire global family. Because we are a family, we are humankind: interconnected, culpable and with the power to affect change. Not just the power but also the responsibility. Without immediate and decisive action we face extinction.We know that some people find this difficult to grasp, or even believe, but really, this is our situation. It could not be clearer or more bleak. Climate breakdown and ecological collapse are a direct and impending threat to our civilisation. This is not an exaggeration. We are deadly serious, and we are determined that our generation will not accept the inaction of those who have our future in their hands.
We are already in the sixth mass extinction of life on Earth. Did you know that 200 species are lost to our planet every day? Lost forever. Just think of all those creatures you have lived alongside that we will never be able to lay our eyes on. Every month we are experiencing more and more extreme weather and this is wreaking havoc in countries everywhere. Floods, wildfires, droughts, and crop failures are ravaging communities that have never previously experienced anything like this before and are having their livelihoods and their lives terribly disrupted. Desperate conditions are leading to food shortages and this is causing social upheaval and conflict.The consequences are just so dire with hundreds of thousands of lives lost to climate breakdown every year.
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