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"There is no shortage of commentary on the Arab Spring. it is so voluminous it reminds one of the observation made by a wag re the Internet: filter -- too little, democracy - too much, priority - none, insight - absent. Democracy, of course, is exactly the buzz word about the Arab Spring: its non-existence before 2011, its pervasive expectation now. But Critical Muslim/01 tells a different, more subtle story: the Arabs are awake, uprisings have begun, people are finding and using their voices, but no outcome is predictable, no formula guaranteed. One thing is certain: neither Islamism nor the social media nor even the youth bulge will satisfy as single cause explanations of what happened, and is yet to happen, in the aftermath of the Arab Spring. Critical Muslim/01 is the path-breaking collective effort of multiple observers and stakeholders to make sense of the unexpected, and to learn the lessons of history as it is being (re)written. Its contributors are at once celebratory and sober, hopeful and cautious, in their forensic analysis of the great changes of our time."

Bruce Lawrence, Nancy & Jeffrey Marcus Humanities Professor Emeritus, Professor of Islamic Studies, Duke University