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CM32: Music

Samia Rahman is lost in music; Jeremy Henzell-Thomas suggests music opens hidden windows to the soul; Ziauddin Sardar witnesses the annihilation of the famous Qawwali 'Mustt Mustt'; Hassan Mahamdallie remembers his punk days; Stefan Williamson Fa discovers the Sufi-Flamenco fusion of Aziz Balou

CM31: Climate

CM30: West Africa

CM29: Futures

CM28: Narratives

CM27: Beauty

CM26: Gastronomy

Merryl Wyn Davies shreds foodie culture as the construct of affluence and essence of abundance, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown returns to Uganda to recover her taste buds, Timothy Bartel is transformed by a visit to Willowbrook Farm, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas is convinced that the rise of celebrity chefs spells the end of

CM25: Values

Merryl Wyn Davies tries to make sense of values in the post-truth age; Kabir Helminski provides a primer on Islam and human values; Boyd Tonkin welcomes strangers; Mohammad Moussa urges us to embrace pacifism; Gail Boxwell learns the meaning of 'givenness'; Hannah McClure whirls into ecstasy; a story by the father of Catalan literature, Anselm Turmeda; and Maha Sardar's list of ten

CM24: Populism

Ziauddin Sardar dismembers post-truth angst; Richard Appignanesi mourns the loss of world; Barnaby Rogerson traces the history of the word demagogue; Bhavik Doshi is disturbed by the populist rhetoric of the Indian diaspora; Scott Jordan watches anxiety-drenched movies; Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton is unimpressed by 2017 Venice Biennale; and poems by Carole Smith.

CM23: Bangladesh

Shanon Shah tries to unravel the paradox of Bangladesh; Hassan Mahamdallie has strange encounters in Dhaka; Zeeshan Khan asks real Bangali Muslims to raise their hands; A Qayyum Khan thinks Bangladeshi politics is trapped in a fraudulent circle; Dina M Siddiqi visits garment factory workers; Irum Shehreen Ali refuses to take sides in the battle of the Begums; Anato Chowdhury laments the murder of gay activists; Onjali Q Rauf is angry at the plight of the female victims of the Independence war; Sharbari Z Ahmed juggles her identity as an American Bangladeshi writer; Sadaf Saaz comes to

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