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CM44: History

Iftikhar H Malik reflects on his career as a historian, Ebrahim Moosa unpicks the Muslim notion of history, Joshua Lupo dissects the history of history of religions, Robert Irwin is amused by historic predictions of Muslim futures, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas is not amused by radical 'cancel culture', Abdelaziz El Amrani brings religious anticolonial resistance in Morocco to the fore, Khairudin Aljunied highlights the role of ignorance in the thought of the celebrated Indonesian scholar Hamka, Raza Ali is fed up with Pakistan's constitutional upturns, Anna Gunin recalls the suppressio

CM43: Ignorance

Ziauddin Sardar claims that in the final analysis we are all ignorant things, Bruce B Lawrence tackles Franz Rosenthal's monumental study Knowledge Triumphant, Linsey McGoey asserts the importance of ignorance studies, Shanon Shah examines ignorant dimensions of climate chaos, William Franke explores Muslim traditions of learned ignorance, Alireza Doostdar suggests Jinn are a metaphor for unknowability, Gordon Blaine Steffey asks who is afraid of critical race theory, Colin Tudge argues that we can never know anything for certain, James Brooks urges we cannot rely on contempora

CM42: Liberty

Shanon Shah wrestles with the contradictions of liberty, Mustafa Akyol dissects mores that prevent the liberation of Muslim minds, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas examines the etymology of freedom and liberty, Vinay Lal provides a short history of liberty from the Greeks to Gandhi, Naomi Foyle supports the Ukrainian resistance despite Western hypocrisy, Giles Goddard re-reads E M Forster, Ole Jorgen Anfindsen abandons his anti-Islam ideology, Petro Sukhorolskyi traces the genesis of postnormal Ukraine, Katharina Schmoll moves forwards and backwards in an effort to live with freedom, the rather young

CM41: Bodies

C Scott Jordan confronts body horror, Robin Yassin-Kassab takes a close look at his own body, Samia Rahman argues that honour and shame should not be written on the female body, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas dissects the brain, Shanon Shah is appalled by the colonial perception of native bodies, Naomi Foyle comes to terms with her autism, Wendy Schultz forecasts body enhancements lurking in the near future, Chandrika Parmar examines the damaged bodies of domestic violence in India, James Brooks watches the body-challenging films of Harmony Korine, Themrise Khan is pestered during her Umra, Aamer Hu

CM40: Biography

We celebrate ten years of Critical Muslim, Shanon Shah examines recent biographies of the Prophet, Ziauddin Sardar honours the life of anthropologist and writer Merryl Wyn Davies, Robert Irwin puzzles over the memoir of the seventeenth-century writer and storyteller Hanna Diyab, Josef Linnhoff thinks that Mohammad Asad is a neglected thinker, Shabana Mir discovers transcendence, Hilman Fikri Azman endorses the nineteenth-century Malaysian writer Munshi Abdullah, Taha Kehar is mentored by Aamer Hussein, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas looks into his DNA, Bina Shah has a surprising encounter w

CM39: World Order

C Scott Jordan dissects the notion of 'world order', Abdelwahab El-Affendi suggests we are moving towards radical evil, Anwar Ibrahim reconsiders the ummah, Yuri Prasad argues that racism and imperialism are intrinsic to the world order, Samia Rahman engages in culture wars, Colin Tudge plans a greener and humane economic system, Christopher B Jones reads manifestos anticipating the end of the world system, Jerry Ravetz reflects on how we have moved from postnormal science to postnormal times, Ahmad Adedimeji Amobi is optimistic about emerging young Nigeria, Jasmin Mujanovic fears t

CM38: Humour

Hassan Mahamdallie remembers the comedy and comedians of his youth, Hussein Abdulsater explores the Islamic approach to humour, Bruce B Lawrence is enthralled by Sufi satire, Gilbert Ramsay and Moutaz Alkheder dissect Jihadi jokes, Boyd Tonkin relishes the wordplay in Ahmad Faris al-Shidyaq's Leg Over Leg, Robert Irwin enjoys old Arab gags, Eric Walberg explores Muslim comedy in America, Leyla Jagiella dissects the old theory of biological and psychological humours, C Scott Jordan is astonished that comedy and news have merged into a single entity, Hussein Kesvani half regrets

CM37: Virus

Ehsan Masood unravels the connections between Covid science and geopolitics, Anwar Ibrahim wants to see true justice in a post-pandemic world, Colin Tudge dissects the biology and metaphysics of viruses, Syed Nomanul Haq examines epidemics in Islamic History, Vinay Lal takes a hammer to viral corona capitalism, Usama Hasan wrestles with fate, Iftikhar Malik shifts through the Ottoman letters of Mary Montagu, Nidhal Guessoum is concerned about pseudoscience spread all over social media by mad mullahs, Chandrika Parmar mourns the lockdown-induced plight of India's migrant workers, Lila Ra

CM36: Destinations

Samia Rahman explores potential directions of travel, Ebrahim Moosa considers the influences that affect our choices of Destinations, C Scott Jordan takes a long, meandering walk around Kuala Lumpur, Hafeez Burhan Khan waxes lyrical about his wanderlust, Shanon Shah charts his Qur'anic expeditions, Amro Ali plans the future of Arab exiles in Berlin, Robert Irwin joins European travellers to Muslim lands, Boyd Tonkin traces the diverse histories of Thessaloniki, Marhabbat Nurov, Natalya Seitakhmetova and Zhanara Turganbayeva recount the recently discovered multicultural history of K

CM35: Muslim Atlantic

Daniel Nilsson DeHanas and Peter Mandaville pin down the notion of Muslim Atlantic, Aisha Khan explains how a Muslim Atlantic can be realised, Amandla Thomas-Johnson returns to his ancestral homeland in Senegal, Ahmed Younis castigates the locked mentality of American Muslims, Sohail Daulatzai argues for a Muslim International, Tahir Abbas wrestles with terrorism, Zahrah Nesbitt-Ahmed connects with her grandparents, Juliette Galonnier is horrified at the racism within diasporic Muslim communities, Abdul-Rehman Malik sees the Muslim Atlantic as a cultural eco-system, Rasul Miller reconsiders

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